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Our mission is to make business awareness, enterprise skills acquisition and support widely available and affordable to those interested in business education or considering starting up their own micro or small businesses as a means to becoming active players in the economic development of their neighbourhoods. Furthermore, NCCL aspires to support those already in business (existing micro and SME) by working with them to develop and achieve capacities that could impact on employment creation. In essence, the proliferation of and sustainability of grass root ventures that contributes to positive changes and empowerment in the lives of our clients remain central to our mission.


At NCCL our vision is to be at the fore-front of providing effective skills training and development that responds to and exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders, especially at the grass roots level of commerce. Our guiding principle is to focus on the needs and wants of our clients in a manner that is trustworthy, motivating, encouraging, adaptive and treats each individual accordingly.

Welcome to Nenson City College London the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Management Studies, where we believe that educational and training services should be tailored to meet the needs of the learner. Our aspiration is to deliver courses that are effective and accessible. Working innovatively with other organisations, institutions and professionals in a collaborative fashion, ensures that learners receive appropriate support and guidance towards achieving their goals. Such strategic and collaborative alliances that Nenson City College seeks, help in building synergies and capacity advantages that impact on the enrichment of our programmes for the benefits of our learners. The hard fact of our time is that, the tendency of waiting for governments and big corporate firms to provide every employable citizen with jobs is fading fast into the distant clouds. Governments on their part can provide enabling environments for their citizens to be empowered. It is through such empowerment that citizens can become active and effective players in the socio-economic development of their communities.

By studying with Nenson City College you will be preparing yourself for the challenges of commercial world, moreso should self employment through starting your own business is your aspiration. You will be guided and supported at every stage by qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Entrepreneurship and Business Management training. Furthermore, whereas the bulk of our learners utilise their acquired knowledge and skills to start their ventures, others have proceeded to further education or training, whilst some have secured gainful employments. We welcome you and are pleased that you are considering studying with us.