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NCCL also offer consultancy services, where client’s preference is to focus on specific issues or aspects of developing and running a small business.

For example, in working with:


The objective at this conceptual stage, is to assist the client in developing and defining the business idea and thereafter constructing a business plan. From here on, implementation is considered. To achieve this, our strategies include supporting the client to acquire the vital enterprise skills, advice and guidance to help in the birthing of the new business. Moreover to assist in stabilising and getting it through the infancy phase.


At this phase, the business survival is paramount and the achievement of growth is dependent upon the business surviving. Our strategies include fine-tuning the business and marketing elements to commensurate with the specific issues facing the business at this ‘uphill’ or ‘ascending’ phase.


At this stage, we work with clients to help map out how to consolidate, expand and diversify or device solutions according to needs.

For clients who wants help in either understanding, fine-tuning or developing their ideas our business development support services menu may be a starting point. Clients can pick and choose what they want to consider.

Business Development Support services:

• Business Awareness/Needs assessments—diagnostics.
• Advice and Guidance—counselling / mentoring.
• Business Planning for Start up and Growth.
• Training Needs Analysis; Business ‘Health Check’.
• Marketing Planning.
• Marketing Promotion—Advertising, Public Relation.
• Business Branding / Positioning Strategies.
• Customer Targeting and Segmentation Strategies.


• Effective Management
• Managing Human Resources in Organisation
• Managing Communication in Organisation
• Total Quality Management
• Effective Leadership for Supervisors and Managers
• Effective Team Work
• Decision Making in Organisation
• Introduction and Management of Change in Organisation
• Conflicts: Sources and Resolutions in organisation
• Effective Delegation

Other consultancy services

These include:

Buyer and Seller representation
Finding international markets for manufacturers
Overseas market entry strategies for SMEs
Human Resource sourcing /development
Training Needs analysis
Educational institution sourcing for prospective international students
Career guidance/counselling
Business Idea analysis, advice and guidance
Business Health checks
Business Plan for Start-up and Growth
Developing Competitive Marketing Strategies for SMEs using Quality Targeting, Segmentation and Positioning Strategies.
e-Marketing, website design

At all times, our services and delivery approaches are structured to be responsive and reflect each individual client’s needs.