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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I have to come to London in order to study for or complete the course?
No. You do not have to come to London in order to study or complete the course. The course can be taken and completed anywhere in the world.

From the time I apply to the time I start, how long?
As soon as your application is received and the required fees paid, the study materials are despatched.

Explain the tutorial based courses.
The tutorial based courses take place in small classroom setting for those who are based in London and prefer this method of delivery. It is more of a facilitated discussion sessions.

I only have a few O-Level papers. Can I be accepted onto the course?
Yes. Our approach assumes no previous knowledge.

When I start the course does it mean that I will stay in my location until the is complete, as I do travel on business.?
No. You don’t have to, as the course is flexible, portable and you can fit it around your normal daily activities.

School has never been my thing. I am a practical person. How can NCL help me realise my dream of being my own boss one day?
Not everyone likes a school setting. But almost everyone at some stage in life may have the desire to learn new skills and knowledge or update existing ones. Our approach to training is learner focused and responsive. This means that each individual is taught in a manner that suits their dispositions. Courses are structured to be easily followed, relate to and understood using practical examples, case studies and illustrations.

My English is not very good. Can I be accepted for the course?
Yes. The most important thing is the ability to communicate in a manner that makes it easier for both tutor and the learner to understand each other. Courses are designed in an easy to follow English. As much as possible jargons are avoided or simplified.

I left school when I was fifteen years old. I am now in my thirties and have no qualifications. Will I be accepted?
Yes. Some people are more receptive to learning when they are older and can see the relevance of what they are learning in their lives. The key thing is the desire and motivation to learn.

I am a slow learner. Will the tutor be patient with me?
Different people learn at different speed. Our trainers are aware of this and experienced in working with diverse and mixed ability learners.

Things are difficult. I will like to pay my fees by instalment. Is this possible?
Yes. Fees can be paid in instalments after the initial deposit.

Can I contribute my own experience when doing the course?
Indeed. Learners are encouraged to do so.

To succeed what do I have to bring to the course?
Desire and motivation to learn as well as self discipline.

As the college is in London, the postal system in my country is not very efficient. Will this not be affect my study?
Obviously unreliable postal system may slow things down and cause delays. But other methods of communication like courier services, the internet, emails, and telephone options makes it possible to communicate. Courses can be delivered through the learner’s email address as this is faster and convenient.

Can the course be taken over a longer period, instead of the set time?
Extensions may be arranged if necessary. But learners are encouraged to complete within the proposed period.

After completing the certificate course for 3-6months, does it mean that if I decide to do the diploma it will take another 7-8 months to complete?
No, as satisfactorily completed units from one course may count towards gaining the next award. This potentially reduces the time it takes to complete subsequent programmes that are alike.

Can I choose to do projects based on my work experience instead of doing case studies?
Yes, especially where such experience is related to the course of study.

How is the course examined. Do I have to come to London or go to a named place to take examinations?
There are no formal examinations. And learners do not need to come to London or go to a place to take examinations. The courses are assessed on an on-going methods through assignments, case studies, projects or specific tasks.

What accreditations does NCCL have.?
NCL will be seeking accreditations from relevant agencies for its courses.

Those that you have trained how have they used their knowledge?
Whereas some have proceeded to starting up their own small businesses and becoming self employed, some have found employments in the labour market whilst others have proceeded onto further training and education.

Does NCCL give financial support?
No. NCCL is aware of the barrier that financial challenges may cause and as a result kept its fees as low and competitive as possible.

Will I get an award upon completing the course?
Yes. Certificate will be awarded and sent to the learner upon satisfactorily completing the course.