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Course Delivery:
Nenson City College London run most of its courses through the open or distance Learning method of teaching. The advantages of this approach include the following: the programmes come to you at a location of your choice anywhere in the world that has access to the internet or reliable postal system; there is no need to disrupt your routine or normal activities like leaving your employment, business, family and friends behind in order to attend educational programme; you carry on earning a living whilst at the same time acquiring valuable knowledge and skills which can be put to practical use straight away; no unnecessary accumulation of debts through paying exhorbitant fees and costs of living; no struggling to settle down in foreign environments and spending better part of your time feeling home sick.
However, studying at a distance requires some degree of self motivation, commitment, sacrifice and discipline.
Course materials, study units, assignments and feedbacks are sent to the learner through the post. Whereas this approach is effective, it however depends on the reliability and efficiency of the postal system that operates in the country where the learner is based. Students outside Europe and America need to allow some time for course materials to arranged


This is the fastest method of delivery as course materials are sent electronically to the learner to download. Student and tutor interactions are faster as feedbacks can be given in the shortest possible time. Although this method is quite popular and cost effective, the choice is with the learner to make depending on their individual circumstances.

This is the traditional delivery approach whereby face to face contact is required. Our classes are organised in small tutorial group sessions so that enough attention is given to all participants. This approach makes it possible to personalise study programmes, deal with individuals’ questions or issues sufficiently.
In-house skills training courses are also available for clients who prefer to have trainings customised and delivered on their premises.